Our « beloved » dictator….

Our « beloved » dictator is a devil who can inflict more unseen
electrical sufferings  on his constituents than civil wars,
battles among party’s factions and caudillos, even than all the
catastrophes – earthquakes, hurricanes, sunamis – that can assail human
beings from the sky, the sea or the center of the earth.Though sometimes our « beloved » dictator can bring a measure of safety
and illusion to the embattled country and neutralize the threat posed
by foreign observants. But after all, his country payes gravely in a
loss of political and civil liberties.

For my jailed father, a former executive and politician loyal to our
« beloved » dictator, he never understood the reason of his kafkaesque
fall from grace, he never understood whether the « beloved » dictator was
simply testing his loyalty – as he did so routinely with those closest
to him – or whether there was some unthinking lapse of devotion on his

Although my jailed father remains an ardent ally of his « beloved »
dictator, despite the loss of favor, I remain personally out of
disillution mostly because of the devastating social and economic toll
that the dictatorship has taken on our beautiful country. Foremost I am
out of disgust and dispair over the losses and human right abuses
people had suffered at his hands.

Our « beloved » dictator is, in fact, killing my father with a method
that is slower and more perverse than when he killed some priests, shot
or beaten to death. He is killing him in stages, taking away his
decency, his honor, his self respect, his joy in loving, his hopes and
desires; turning him into a sack of bones tormented by the guilty
conscience that has been destroying him gradually for almost  7

I truly understand the fear and excitement felt by the dictators’
jailers and torturers as they humiliate my father. They hope that by
slowly killing my dad and his relatives, they can keep the power
forever. They aknowledge that if their evil plan to exterminate us goes
awry, they and their families could pay a terrible price for all the
human sacrifices inflected to us.

At 74, our « beloved » dictator is a man obsessed with his own declining
heath and sexual prowess – a control freak, who likes to exercise his
« droit du seigneur », an expert in the arts of manipulation. His cronies
and closed allies are an equally loathsome.

This is a brief description of our « beloved » dictator regime and his subsequent bloody  legacy.



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  1. Joël Didier dit :

    Engo Seeks Justice At UN CourtBy Pegue MangaThe PostPierre Desire Engo, former General Manager of the National Social Insurance Fund, NSIF, commonly known by its French acronym as CNPS, now serving a 10-year jail term in the Kondengui maximum-security prison, for attempted misappropriation, is now seeking redress before the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights, UNHCHR.In a notice dated May 17, 2005, addressed to Engo’s Legal Counsel, the Chief of Service in charge of Treaties and the Commission, Maria Francisca Ize-Charrin, states that Engo’s communication (suit) against the government of Cameroon has been accepted.The suit, the notice stated, has been admitted and registered as No. 1384/2005.The Cameroon government has been given six months to file a defence.Engo’s Counsel, Barrister Charles Achaleke Taku, argues that before seeking redress at the UNHCHR, his client had exhausted all domestic remedies, including appeals to President Paul Biya, through the Ministry of Justice and the international community, hence this action.Engo’s woes started on February 2, 1999, when he launched the Paul Samba Association in Ebolowa. During the launching, Engo declared he would extend the association to other parts of the country. This, The Post gathered, was misinterpreted by Biya, to mean that Engo had formed a political party to challenge him.Taku told The Post that shortly after the event, Engo was arrested without any warrant or charge pressed against him."A few months after, he was brought before the State Counsel for Douala and informed that a certain Atangana Bengono, whom Engo had earlier prosecuted for misappropriation of public funds and jailed for 10 years, had filed a complaint against him (Engo)," Taku disclosed.Bengono alleged that Engo had received kickbacks from the 6-International construction company, in the award of contracts for the construction of CNPS building in Douala. "Engo produced proofs that the contract was awarded by the contract board and visaed by the then Prime Minister, Simon Achidi Achu," Taku said.However, he said, his client was kept in detention from 1999 to 2003, when the state alleged that as Director of CNPS, Engo had stopped a cheque that was issued by the CNPS to one Dippah, purported to have done contracts for the insurance company. "But the court found out that the documents were forged," Taku stated."In the absence of any complaint," Taku said, "the State Counsel for Yaounde,brought up the same matter, which has been disposed in the Douala court before the court in Yaounde," he griped. At the hearing, Taku said, "no cheque was produced and the Director of BICEC testifies that no cheque was ever presented for payment in his bank.In spite of this testimony, Engo was convicted to six months for issuing a cheque without cover," Taku said.The Counsel said Engo appealed against the Yaounde court ruling, but that the appeal could not be processed because the presiding Magistrate died shortly after that without writing out the oral judgement.Further ChargesEngo’s ordeals did not end there. The state later preferred charges of attempted misappropriation of public funds against him. According to Taku, Engo was accused of attempting to misappropriate FCFA 4 million paid out to one of the contractors of CNPS."Despite the fact that Engo is not the statutory paymaster of the Social Insurance and in the absence of proof that he benefited from such payments, he was convicted to 10 years imprisonment," Taku stated. He added that his client has appealed against the judgement but the appeal is still pending because he has not been able to obtain copies of the judgement.Taku revealed that while in detention, the State Counsel for Yaounde visited Engo’s cell and seized all exhibits in his possession. "Shortly after that, unidentified assailants attacked Engo’s lawyer and seized all files in his possession."Search Of Bank AccountsBarrister Taku said the Cameroon government obtained cooperation with France to search Engo’s account to find out whether he had any money, but that nothing was found. "In spite of the cooperation of France, Engo briefed French lawyers to defend him, but the Cameroon government refused to issue visas to the lawyers," Taku said.The bank accounts of Engo’s children, Taku said, were also searched without warrants. "When one of Engo’s children disclosed this to a foreign press organ, a charge was pressed against Engo for violating the confidentiality of investigation," Taku intimated. He said when the matter came up for hearing, Bengono was brought in as a witness but that he dissociated himself because he was not aware of the charge."Later, the State Counsel for Yaounde went to Kondengui Prison and made allegations against Engo that he was importing arms to overthrow the government," Taku said. He said since 2004, each time Engo appears in court, the state brings up new charges against him."The State Inspectorate allegedly carried out some investigations at the Social Insurance and declared their findings as satisfactory. The same investigators later carried out similar inspections and reversed themselves. Engo has never been notified or given a copy to defend himself," said Taku.He said his client has not been given access to his doctor, even though he is getting blind in prison. He stated that Engo was allowed to see a doctor only after the Catholic Church intervened.He said a riot once broke out in Kondengui and during the struggle; a gun was fired towards Engo. "Shortly after this incident, a senior member of government told Engo that it was better for him to commit suicide, because he would never be released."It is on the foregoing, that Engo briefed Barrister Taku to bring his case to the Human Rights Commission in Geneva. The lawyer alleged that it is a consistent pattern of conduct by the judiciary in Cameroon against people they perceive to be political opponents of the government.June 24, 2005 at 12:32 PM in News | Permalink

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